Fruit Ninja Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Loading screen
Main menu
Slashing an orange in two
Slashing two fruits in own swing
Watch out for the bombs
Critical strike
Game over after missing three fruits
Sensei gives a fruit fact after the game
More background can be unlocked
In the dojo you can see your blade and background unlocks.
Title screen (Russian version) of THD release - optimized for Android devices with Tegra 2 hardware

iPad version

Main Menu
The Dojo
Challenges unlock new blades and boards
The 3 available game modes
Zen mode, very relaxed
Watch out for the bombs in Arcade mode
Cut a special banana and it goes into Frenzy
Pomegranate takes a lot of hits
Arcade mode you can't afford to miss any fruit
The game begins at an "Arcade" mode.
Here are the results for the "Arcade", especially including the powerful "Combo God" style.
Here are the results for the "Zen" that have 6 real pineapples named "Got the Sweats!".

iPhone version

Slice the fruit to pick a choice
Slicing fruit will show you its delicious insides
Don't slice the bomb!
Sometimes, you'll score a critical hit
More fruits are tossed as you get a higher score
Hit three or more fruit simultaneously for a combo
Fruit splatter will remain on-screen after you cut fruit
Game over!
After your game is over, you get a random fruit fact