FUEL Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Vehicles are lowered by helicopters prior to the race start.
A fairly weak vehicle making its way uphill.
The morning light can be blinding.
Select a car and customize the features.
Tearing through a terrain with grass.
Powersliding through a corner.
This part of the forest is on fire.
Chasing a helicopter in the challenge mode.
I'm almost out of time.
Monster trucks go very slow, but traverse easily through the desert.
The overview map with the different zones.
I found one of the hidden liveries in the free driving mode.
The vegetation is dense, so watch your speed.
At dusk
Lightning strikes and rain pours down.
Houses are abandoned and the roads are littered.
The terrain has splattered mud all over my green vehicle.
Sliding through one of the corners of a narrow track set in the mountains.
There are plenty of objects in the scenery, but no sign of life.
A tornado wreaks havoc, making it difficult to avoid the objects that land on the road.
A big jump
Racing at dusk.
An abandoned city, now filled with sand.
On this track you will drive through a sandstorm, making it almost impossible to stay on the track.
Cruising through an open field.
One of the many vista points to discover.
An abandoned airfield
This course is called Road to Hell.