Fugitive Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Leaving the scene of burglary
Police ambush
Judge sentenced to many years in prison
Main menu
Game begins in a cell
Objects short description
Prisoners must maintain the condition
Corporate shower room
Dialog box - talk in the toilet
Talking with another fugitive provides guidance
Pitch to play football
Higher prisoners can play basketball
Crime scene - probably some flaky prisoner was punished by guard
Game room
Prison barber
This is where prisoners can regain spiritual balance
Mealtime - this requires the relevant activities
Last warning
For failure to carry out commands Roland was punished
Mealtime - you need to go to the cafeteria to the indicated place
Restricted area
Night - time to sleep
I outsmarted guard and the metal detector
At the right you have the sequence of the TV security cameras of the prison. Try to do not anything suspicious when a camera is filming you (specially at night).
Zoom view