Funny Farm Screenshots (Browser - Facebook)

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Browser version

Title and loading screen
The first area map
I am replaying level 1
Level 1. I need to remove the worms.
The after level stats
They like to advertise their other games
I didn't finish a level and lost a life.
In this level, not only do I need to remove the worms but I need to gather ten cucumbers.
I'm out of lives. I can wait until they replenish, ask friends for help, pay $2.00 for unlimited lives for three days or use 300 in-game coins for 5 lives.
In the shop, I can buy additional boosters.
The map of the second area
If you get the new high score for a level, you see this screen.
An item was found
Entering the second area
At each level that has a new goal, you are given a short tutorial.
Level 21, partly done.
Level 23. I have to get the jars to the bottom and gather 20 tomatoes.
At level 27, 150 in-game coins were found.