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PlayStation 3

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Arcade 1 3.5
PlayStation 12 3.8
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Windows 1 4.8
Combined User Score 14 3.9

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The graphics and sound are of exceptional quality, but it is the straight, no-nonsense frenzied shooting that make this a winner. Okay so it may not be a game to everyone’s taste, but it’ll certainly come as a rocket from the crypt to fans of the genre. And even if you’re not, then it’s worth getting into. Few games are more intense and serve up such a splattering of pyrotechnic extravagance, complete with a hearty challenge chaser!
PlayStationSuper Play
Det har producerats en del mer eller mindre lyckade försök med riktig 3D-grafik i liknande spel, men jag är glad att Taito håller fast vid 2D i de interaktiva delarna av G-Darius. Det fungerar av någon anledning bäst så. Och även om man kan ana att det går lite långsamt när det händer för mycket på skärmen finns här alla de inslag som behövs för att göra mig glad. Oräkneliga fiendesvärmar, vapen som kan graderas upp till oanad effektivitet, mängder av varierade banor, obehagliga överraskningar och enorma fiskbossar med hårt pansar och namn som inte går att uttala. Jag är i trans så länge jag spelar men fråga mig inte om några detaljer. De glömmer jag så fort jag har lagt ifrån mig handkontrollen.
The Darius series has never gained the respect it deserves in the US, and perhaps G Darius is the title that can turn that around. It's definitely one of the more bizarre shooter series. The premise behind Darius is simple - shoot the giant robotic fish. Yes, fish. As ludicrous as it sounds, the bounty of the sea is fighting back, and it's up to two Silver Hawk-brand fighter pilots to single-handedly save the universe from a slew of menacing crustaceans and cetaceans.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Don't expect a lot of depth in gameplay, don't expect a cerebral journey of puzzles and thoughtful insights, don't expect too much from this game and you'll enjoy yourself. As usual with games in this genre, your mileage may vary. As I've stated, I love shooters, they're a good escape into a mindless shoot-fest. Some people don't like that, fair enough, don't play them. As shooters go, is Einhander is excellent, G-Darius is above average, graphically not as stunning, but playability is enhanced by the two player option. Still, I recommend a hire before you buy approach since this game won't keep many people interested for too long.
In the end: it's a big game, it's lots of fun, and it's a blast with two players. If you're a shooter fan, you'll want this in your collection. One very sore thumbs up.
PlayStationMega Fun
Feuer frei aus allen Rohren. G-Darius sorgt für klassischen Ballerspaß. Gut gefällt mir die wuchtige 3D-Grafik, die zwar keine Effekte auf Euer Spiel hat, aber für Abwechslung sorgt (animierte Hintergründe etc). Auch das Capture-System und die Rumble-Unterstützung sorgen für viel Positives. Bei den vielen Gegnern entsteht aber auch Hektik, die dann und wann mit Unübersichtlichkeit gepaart ist und für ein schnelles Ende sorgt. Ganz schön happig sind auch die riesigen Endgegner, die Ihr nur mit viel schweißtreibender Arbeit überwinden könnt. Fazit: Gegenüber der Konkurrenz, wie R-Types oder Raystorm, ist G-Darius grafisch gut geraten. Spielerisch hinkt es mit der Unübersichtlichkeit und dem etwas ruckeligen Scrolling hinterher.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
G Darius is een ouderwetse shoot'em up volgens de definitie van het woord. De onuitputtelijke powerups en de Capture Ball zullen de liefhebber vele uren van de straat houden.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
G-Darius is a flashy shooter with simple gameplay. The addition of the alpha beam is a nice twist, but in the end one can only vaporize squadrons of aliens so many times before becoming bored. It’s worth a rental, and the co-operative two player mode is enjoyable enough with a buddy.
G-Darius aurait été un sympathique jeu dans les salles d'arcade il y a quelques années. C'est un shoot- them-up dans le plus pur style. Mais, aujourd'hui, c'est un peu sous-utiliser la PSX. A réserver seulement aux fans, les autres l'essayeront impérativement avant d'acheter. Et puis, si vous avez un PC, il y a tellement de jeux de ce type en shareware...
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
Capturing enemy craft is part of the game's strategy, but that just makes things more cluttered and confusing. The game offers selectable branching stages, but you'll still need to replay the first stage every time, which gets old. G Darius isn't bad, but it has a certain disposable quality.