G Darius Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Shining explosions
Typical shooting
Take bonus ball
Holiday's place
Super laser
Bombs are useful to kill low-flying enemy
Fight in skies
Boss fight
Time to BOOM!
Giant dragon
Nice enemy plane
Catch enemies and use them like option from Gradius
Destroying beam
Strange build
Flight diagonally
Enemy sqadron

PlayStation version

Title screen
Preparing to fight
An enemy ship from the introduction sequence
Firing triple rocket shots at an incoming wave of enemies.
A fish-like opponent
You are warned when approaching a boss ship.
Fortunately, the pterodactyls are only background animations.
I fired a capture ball at these enemy ships, and now they're fighting along with me.
The second boss unleashes his firepower.
At certain points in the game, you can choose a route.
Entering a new zone.
High scores