Gakuen King: Hidehiko Gakkō o Tsukuru Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
The game needs to be installed to hard drive
Main menu
Intro: a bridge blows up
Exploring the school building with Sayako
Congratulations you ran into the teacher
Battle commands
What the hell is going on here!?
Item menu, also notice the "SARCH" command
Character stats
Moving from one location to another
Hey fatso, lay off the chocolate!
Whoops, I guess I shouldn't said that, because now he wants to fight and I'm outnumbered
Omake (extras) mode
Music mode

PC-98 version

Alice is writing Alice Soft logo...
Title screen
The island
The bridge that will soon explode...
Sayako, Hidehiko's future recruit...
The first meeting: Sayako is aggressive...
...but that can be easily remedied, right?
As in many of those perverse Japanese games, you can't quite understand if it's rape or not. Because at first the girl shouts...
...but after she hugs the "hero" gratefully. *shaking head* Japanese...
A plan is born
Near the broken bridge
Desolate environments...
Camp outside the school building. Here you can save your game and heal
Character information
Battle begins
Attack in progress
Oh no! We were killed...
Use the "search" command to pick jup the crowbar
Lots of crazy characters to meet...
Decisions, decisions...
Did I mention the crazy characters?
Oh, sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot with a CRAZY CHARACTER!
Not all your enemies look nasty...