Galaga Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

They're coming to take you away, haha!
Being suckered away
Feeling whole again
Challenge accepted
Nothing less
Yet another wave
Push start button
Aliens appears
Next wave
Order like in space invaders
Last enemies

Atari 7800 version

Atari logo
Title screen
A game in progress
Fighter captured!!
Now you have two fighters

FM-7 version

Title screen
First wave builds up
Swooping alien
Alien with tractor beam
Second wave
Challenging stage
Challenging stage: Shoot as many aliens as you can before they leave the screen
Challenge stage results
Game over

MSX version

Title screen
Blasting enemy fighters...
Watch out for that fighter trying to crash into you
Uh oh, my ship has been captured!
Got my ship back, now I have two to fight with!
Start Game
Stage 1
2EA of Gagala hits by only 1 shot. Total 260 points (Blue Galaga : 100 points / Red Galaga : 160 points) (Test Playing if Hit-Miss Ratio get 200% or not)
Game over (Test Playing if Hit-Miss Ratio get 200% or not)
Oops, approved only 1 hit and 100% Ratio. (If Galaga is Arcade version, it must be approved as 2 hits and 200%) (Test Playing if Hit-Miss Ratio get 200% or not)

NES version

Title screen
Japan Title screen
Alien ships attack
More dangerous alien ships attack

Palm OS version

Start screen
Firing into the alien formation

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Stage select
Okay, let's start
Challenging Stage
Two enemy waves
One short of a perfect score
Close to losing a life
Game Over results

Sord M5 version

Title screen
First wave
The tougher aliens of the first wave arrive
Shot down
Stage 3
An alien uses its tractor beam
Aliens line up
Stage 4
Game over