Galaxy Force Screenshots

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Scene select
Ready for Scene A
A train of enemies
Avoiding missiles.
Looks like a TIE fighter.
Going into the planet.
Enemy installation in the ceiling.
Turn which way?
I turned the wrong way.
Game over
Ready for scene B
So hot, you could hang-glide.
A flame pillar in the wrong place
Fiery meteors
Bug-like aliens
The Master System is fighting with all the sprites.
Going for a stunt bonus.
Found the entrance.
Turn right!
Ready for scene C
Lots of destruction
Flying jellyfish?
Two enemy missiles at once
Fly through the waterfall.
The most difficult section of the game
Ready for scene D
The enemies are more organic here.
Some are decidedly non-organic.
Another cave
Turn left!
Turn right!
The planet is destroyed.
Mission 1 cleared
On to the next scene