Gallop Racer Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

The game's start screen follows the usual display of company logos
Starting a new game. Naturally the player must enter a name and here the format is fixed, it will start with an initial for the first name and then a capitalised second name
The second step in starting a new game is to create the jockey's colours. The sleeves, armbands, vest and stripe are all customisable
This is effectively the main menu. The Horse Shop is where new animals are acquired and Next Week is where the race calendar is viewed
The Horse Shop. The player has just 10,000 points to spend
This is a horse that is up for sale. Nearly all the relevant statistics are available here, the square gives the player access to a graph of something called Growth
The Main Menu has an System option in which the player can access a Save option and this screen where they can adjust the game's sound configuration
Having bought a horse the player can select it. They then use the left/right buttons to scroll through the upcoming race weeks
These are the races taking place in week one. The cursor is on the top entry but this horse can only enter race three which is why that option is highlighted
Once horses have been entered into a race the 'Next Week' option changes to a 'Race' option.
These are the horses entered into the race. The player can scroll up and down the list to compare speed and stamina
All races start with an overview of the track like this. The view changes to show the horses in the starting gates
The race begins. During the race the jockey's body becomes semi-transparent
A race in progress. The circle or square use the whip, depending on whether the jockey is right/left handed. L1/R1 rotate the players point of view
The end of race results
By not finishing in the top positions the player lost money by entering this race
The Main Menu has a Data option. This gives access to four screens which list the players performance, leading jockey's this season, game records and all Japan records