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Chakan Credits


ProducerJerry Markota
MarketingJaime Wojick
ProgrammerPaul Hutchinson
ArtKim Biscoe, Paul Hutchinson, Mira F. Ross (as Mira Ross), Steven A. Ross
Music & SoundPaul Hutchinson, Mark Miller (Nu Romantic)
Lead TesterMark Lindstrom
TestersTerry Banks, Joe Cain, Ron Calonje, Alex Fairchild, Ivan Foong (as Ivan Fong), Roman Greco, Richie Hideshima, Keith Higashihara, Tri Le, Dermot Lyons, Heather Meigs (as Heather Meggs), Dianna Carroll (as Dianna Myers), Eric Rawlins, John Russell, Siegfried Stangenberg (as Siegie Stangenberg), Conan Tigard, Jeff Wagner
Special ThanksE. Ettore Annunziata (as Ed Annunziata), Steven Apour (as Steve Apour), Clyde Grossman, Al Nilsen
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw
CHAKAN was created byRobert Kraus


Cover Artwork byGreg Winters

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