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Chicago Syndicate (Game Gear)

Chicago Syndicate Game Gear Title screen


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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Chicago Syndicate Credits


DesignersMark Eyles, John Hollis, Andrew Pang, Michael Baxter
ProgrammersTony Mack, Steve Lamb
ArtistsThor Hayton, Michael Baxter
MusicianMatthew Simmonds
Technical SupportMichael J. Archer
Lead TestersArnold Feener, Mark Griffin, Michael Wu, Gerrey Langford, Scott Sanders
TestersChristopher Lucich, David Dodge, Matthew Ironside, John Amirkhan, Janine Cook, W. Scott Snyder, Shari Shanklin, Dana Waller, Tim Turner, Arthur Datangel, David Mefford, Steve Chan, Joshua Johnson, Bart Larrenga, Jeff B. Junio, Richard Cummings, Chris Debol, Eugene R. Valenzuela, Mark Fabela, Amine Khoury, Tony Lynch, John Jansen, Ron Allen, Craig Drummond, Jay Vo, Ty Johnson, Janis Gragasin, Jay Mijres, Nelson Chiu, Ben Bronies
Assistant ProducersDante Anderson, Erik Wahlberg
ProducerJason Lihou
Executive ProducerMaxwell Taylor
Product ManagerLisa Wilson

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