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Disney's Aladdin (Game Gear)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Disney's Aladdin Credits


Main Planner Lehto
Planners Johny‑Ittetsu, Hiroyuki Kikkawa (Kikkawa-H.P.U.), Max‑T2
Main Programmer Shinichi Kawamoto
Visual Programmers Yama‑X, Masaaki Akine (Chaos Brain)
Main Designer Johny‑Ittetsu
Aladdin Designer Hiroyuki Kikkawa (Kikkawa-H.P.U.)
Enemy Designer Max‑T2
Additional Design Manma
MusicTommy Tallarico
Music ArrangementYōko Wada (Nasu-B)
Special thanks toYen, Shouji Yoshihara (Enjyoh), Sgt. Yama

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Credits for this game were contributed by りき Hideto (16024), Tommy Tallarico (73) and Freeman (17333)