Earthworm Jim Credits


Earthworm Jim™ developed byShiny Entertainment, Inc.™
Original concept byDouglas TenNapel

Conversion developed by Eurocom Entertainment Software

ProgrammingDavid J. Looker, Kevin Grantham, David K. Pridmore, Tim Rogers
GraphicsAndy Bee, Nigel Bentley, Steve Bedser
SoundMartin Walker
Quality AssuranceKevin Holt (Lead Tester)
ProducersMat Sneap, Mark Hetherington, Hugh Binns

Playmates Staff

Quality AssuranceRaymond Nivarel (Lead Tester), Andrew Brown (PIE QA Crew), Lee Jones (PIE QA Crew), James Martinez (PIE QA Crew), Jose Zatarain (PIE QA Crew), Manuel Quinones (PIE QA Crew)
Executive ProducerDavid A. Luehmann
Project ManagerScott Herrington

Special Thanks

Special ThanksShiny Entertainment Inc.™, Thomas Chan, Richard Sallis, Kathy Sison, Diane Teigiser, Michael Koelsch, Sachs Finley & Company, Golin/Harris Communications, Moore & Price Design

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (83333)