Factory Panic Screenshots (Game Gear)

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Game Gear version

Intro: Our hero enters the factory, passing the grim and grey faces of the local citizens.
Japanese Intro: What? It’s Mikhail Gorbachev! Hence the Japanese title “Ganbare Gorby!” (“Good Luck Gorby!”)
Title Screen
Japanese Title Screen
Round 1, Stage 1: Deliver three ham hocks.
Round 1, Stage 1: Still very easy. Note the three women outside the factory waiting for ham hocks.
A small praise after you have cleared a stage.
Gorbachev receives some bonus points. (Japanese version)
Don’t deliver the poison to the waiting people!
The layout gets quite complex in later stages.
Congratulations! You made it! Well, only Round 1, that is, but nonetheless...
Oh, that’s going to be tricky: Deliver four different products to four different people.
In “Bridge Mode”, you have to remove and install small bridges between the belts.