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Title screen.
Ugly, but familiar.
War... war never changes. And it's never easy. Sweet chopper, btw.
One of the co-pilots. He doesn't have a life, doesn't want one. He has a MobyGames account since 2000's.
M-I-A. 'Good at everything except WHAT TRULY MATTERS DURING WAR TIME'. Thanks for nothing.
Main menu.
Washington DC.
Map. Where is the Terrorist HQ?
The... "Obelisk". Just shoot at it for a while and it'll start looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Terrible blast, lots of innocent lives lost. Who cares.
Actually feeling pretty good about being a mass murderer. Just had breakfast and didn't throw up, so I guess that's good.
Campaign #2 - Sub Hunt ... Being attacked.
Missing my sweet chopper...
Campaign #3 - Training Ground. This is supposed to be JUNGLE Strike. DESERT Strike is another game, goddammit.
There are no innocent people in this life. Only slightly-less-guilty people. Game over.
It actually seems like day-time to me but ok...
Oh, ok, now I see what you mean. Campaign #4 - Night Strike.
A cutscene (during "Night Strike"). What a wimpy looking guy. I've met really lame dudes who command much more respect.