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Written on  :  Dec 08, 2006
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Side-Story Indeed

The Good

The second M.I.A., Phantasy Star game is Phantasy Star Gaiden. And while it is a RPG in the tradition of previous Phantasy Star games, and not an adventure game, as is Phantasy Star Adventure, is that enough to contend with the heavy hitters of the franchise?

In Phantasy Star Gaiden, you are Alex. A young man, that lives on a colony world, founded by Alis Landale, of Phantasy Star fame. That’s right, PSG, does NOT, for some reason take place in the Algol Star System, but more on that later. When Alex gets his chance for adventure, like the legendary Alis Landale, he seizes it.

His quest will take him across the world. Where he will as per RPG tradition save the world, he may even meet his idol.

PSG, has a lot of parallels to that of the original Phantasy Star. Which is nice. Even the combat is similar, as it uses the 1st person perspective, and is turn based. But for every nod to the original there seems to be some thing that is not so much like it as well. Take that how you will.

The graphics are fair. But as with PSA, really show the weakness of the GameGear. But then again, I have seen worse.

The sound effects are decent, and at the end of the day do an okay job. The music fairs a little better. Alas, much like in PSA, the music is good but cannot compare to the colossal, score of the main four Phantasy Star games.

The Bad

The plot is not quite up to Phantasy Star par. Furthermore, it leaves to many inconsistencies. For example, Why would Alis Landale, having defeated Lashiec, Dark Force, and reclaim her birthright, to just leave Algol, and establish a new colony?

The game is also ridiculously short, and way too easy. It is an RPG that can be finished in under 10 hours. Huh?

I always wondered why Sega never released this game outside of Japan. Little wonder.

The Bottom Line

Like Phantasy Star Adventure, this game was one of the missing Phantasy Star games. And can now be played by those not familiar with the Japanese language. Via a translation “patch”.