Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Game Gear (US - Majesco Re-Release):
    Here he comes, straight from his high-speed Sonic 2 adventure! Headstrong Sonic The Hedgehog and his feisty friend Tails blast into hyperspeed to save the Chaos Emeralds. If evil Dr. Robotnik snatches the Emeralds first, he'll make a Super Bomb! Could this be the end?

    • Be Sonic or Tails in an all-new quest. Roar through the zones with super attitude as Sonic! As Tails, spin your twin tails and fly high!
    • Blast-astic action! Sonic soars with his new Rocket Shoes and Pogo Spring. Tails goes airborne for a dizzying sky ride to snag bonus items!
    • 6 zones, 18 levels of rollercoaster landscapes, corkscrewing speedways and wild, whirling thrills!

    Contributed by ケヴィン (4150) on Aug 14, 2008.

U.S. print ad:
    Sonic is back as he battles Dr. Robotnik's evil plan (is it the shoes?) to use the Red Chaos Emerald in making nuclear lasers. Tails is hangin', too, and this time you control him. Both are bound for some serious air time (is it the shoes?), grabbing rings (is it the shoes?) and saving the emeralds from falling into the wrong hands (it's got to be the shoes).

    * Sonic can explore tunnels and break through walls to find hidden rooms and power-ups in the Gigapolis Zone

    * Tails here, with some serious air time in the Aqua Hill Zone, eluding danger, nabbing rings and finding power-ups.

    * Rack up 100 rings and you're flying Air Sonic (strap on the rocket shoes) in the bonus round. The mission: rescue the emeralds.

    * Deep in the Electric Egg Zone (no, it's not a rock group), you can take Tails through the tubes to find rings and other bonus items.

    * As if Sonic didn't jump high enough already, now he can hop on Pogo Springs to take him where no hedgehog has gone before.

    If the Rocket Shoe fits, wear it.

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on May 14, 2004.