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Windows version

Title screen
Mors is looking at the enormous wall of ice he has sworn to protect
The castle hall: come for the drinks, stay for the hangover
A typical dialogue with choices
One of the loading screens
The map fills itself as you explore
Traveling on the world map
Early battle against barbarians
Customizing Alester, the game's second protagonist
Alester returns to his home town
NPC routines: blacksmith
Shop menu: plenty of armor here!
Exploring the castle. More NPC routines
Inventory screen. Mors has acquired some armor of... err.. questionable fashion sense
You can use Mors' dog to follow scents
Nice medieval city. Horses and all
My half-brother Valarr may be evil, but he surely has a taste for fine arts!
Alester visits a whorehouse! Good idea! All these religious vows, they can really make a man feel uncomfortable. The only problem is that there guy... I'm really not into that kind of thing
Every RPG must have a scene where the hero escapes from prison and must regain his possessions
The queen is pretty nasty, actually. Well, at least she has appreciation for mosaics and stuff
Mors is trying to impress this stripper by showing her severed human heads attached to his belt. Way to go, stud. Next time just cut 'em off fresh
Note the dirty words. Sometimes you'll have to choose a character to response
A typical close-quarters melee battle
Some nice effects up close. You pause the action and study your abilities
Nope, I don't eat kosher. Why, did the hat and the beard fool you? Oy, have you mistaken me for Rabinovich, bubele!
Alester's fire skills tree
Play detective - find out whether the woman is guilty or not
Character traits screen. More traits are added as you play and make decisions.
Jeor Mormont, The Old Bear, makes appearance in the game
Burning weapons may set enemies on fire
Varys, The Spider
If you have vials you can fill them with healing drinks, poisons or other liquids at merchants
Varg can kill almost anyone with a bit of button-mashing
Alester uses his special ability to find hidden passages or loot
George Martin cameo
In varg form Mors can find additional loot
As you play on you may start to feel that killing people - even women - is not necessarily an evil doing
Alester, master of flame
A dreadful sight
Shadow assassin

Xbox 360 version

Start screen
An overview of Westeros from the intro
You start the story as Mors Westford of the Night's Watch
Character info
Choose a fighting style during character creation
Distribute attributes
Selecting abilities ...
... and traits. Note that you also need to select weaknesses
The Wall
Looks like in the series
Justice is swift and harsh at the Wall
Ingame tutorial
Quest log
Shop menu
Loading screen
Quest givers are marked with a green icon
Map view
The codex lists items of importance and knowledge
Combat is done queuing orders
Loot the corpses for your reward
Mors can also skill his dog
You can issue orders to your dog as well
Quick access menu for combat orders
Your first boss fight, a Wildling
Your second character, Alester arrives in Riverspring
Dialogue choices have an impact on the story
You can take control of Mors' dog to follow scents and trails
House Arryn arrives
You will love this guy
Goldcloaks, the city watch of King's Landing
The local brothel, what else
Varys schemes as usual
Use the skills of R'hllor to detect secrets
Buy Milk of the Poppy to heal your injuries
Cersei Lannister and the throne
Immolate enemies during combat
Replaying the past of your characters
Map view of Westeros
This guy is called Martin ... he looks familiar

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