Game Over Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Just starting the first level
A bit later - more enemies already
He's huge!

Commodore 64 version

First world: planet Hypsis
Still the first world, a few screens further
Second world: planet Sckunn
Mind the mine on the floor!
Title screen (English version)
Title screen (Spanish version)

MSX version

Loading screen
Title screen
Starting out
Tricky platforms and colour clash
Beautiful outside landscape, ruined by bad Spectrum porting

PC Booter version

Title Screen
Main Menu
First game contact

Thomson TO version

Title screen
Just starting
A bit further...
Almost outside!
More violence outside

ZX Spectrum version

Title Screen
Main Menu (Spanish version)
Starting game
What a bunch of ghosts!
More killings and we will be able to go outside
Green monster. Typical native of Hipsis.
Giant Orko.
Giant Robot. First of three.
Stage 2 - Sckunn.
Entrance to Palace.
Beware of mines.
Local lifts.
Red Circle POW is a health regenerator.
Giant guardian. First phase.
Second phase. Guard lost his wings.
Third phase. Guard lost his body.