Game & Watch Collection 2 Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title Screen - Poor Mr. Game and Watch...
Game selection screen.
Watch mode. Here the controls are shown while the computer controls the action in the game.
Collecting treasure from the octopus, its tentacles are all around...
The first aquanaut is grabbed by the laconic cephalopod.
Tallying sacks of loot back in the safety of the dinghy.
Sometimes a parachute can become caught in a tree, delaying its arrival. Which may just throw off your timing , much to the delight of the shark.
Brave divers wait patiently to take to the sea should their comrade fail in his looting.
Starting a game of Parachute. That helicopter defies clown car logic. One point per rescue.
The stakes are very high. Lives are at risk. Sharks are hungry.
Catching falling brethren in Parachute X Octopus
The combined mode. Parachute X Octopus. First we lay parachute on the top...
... then when indicated move to far left and press down - Quick change! Diver gear! Going down into the combined Octopus game.
The diver was ready to go back up, thanks to the friendly signpost held by that squid. Alas, the majestic mollusk will feed instead.