Game & Watch Gallery 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen and main menu (Super Game Boy)
Title screen and main menu
Viewing the Gallery Corner.
Viewing the Note Board.
Toad gives you hints to any game. They are placed in the Note Board.
Game selection menu
When you select a game, you can choose your difficulty level and whether to play the classic style or modern style.
Playing Parachute with the modern style.
Modern Parachute: I missed one and Pukupuku gives chase.
Modern Parachute: Jugem to the rescue!
Playing Parachute with the classic style.
Classic Parachute: I missed one and the shark will get him.
Classic Parachute: I missed too many. Game over. Retry or exit?
Playing Helmet in modern style.
Modern Helmet: BONK! I was hit.
Playing Helmet in classic style.
Classic Helmet: WHAM! I got hit.
Playing Chef in modern style.
Modern Chef: Flipping an egg.
Modern Chef: I missed one. Pīchi-hime is ticked!
Modern Chef: If I aim right and miss, Yoshi can eat it.
Playing Chef in classic style.
Classic Chef: The cat is trying to help.
Classic Chef: I missed one and the mouse got it.
Playing Vermin in modern style.
Modern Vermin: Bonking a Fly Guy.
Modern Vermin: They are attacking my eggs!
Modern Vermin: They busted it. My game is over.
Playing Vermin in classic style.
Classic Vermin: A mole made it to the top but I haven't whacked him.
Classic Vermin: Whacking a mole.
Playing Donkey Kong in modern style.
Modern Donkey Kong: I made it to the top...
Modern Donkey Kong:...and beat Donkey Kong!
Playing Donkey Kong in classic style.

Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
Game - Chef
Game - Donkey Kong
Game - Helmet
Game - Parachute
Game - Vermin
In the Gallery Corner.
I went to the Note Board
Game - Parachute: Classic style
Game - Parachute: I missed too many. Game over.
Toad says he put a hint in the Note Board.
Game - Helmet: Classic style
Game - Chef: Classic style
Game - Vermin: Classic style
Game - Donkey Kong: Classic style
Title screen (SGB)