007: Nightfire Credits (Game Boy Advance)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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007: Nightfire Credits

JV Games Development Team

ProgrammingVince Valenti
Level DesignJag Jaeger, Kelly Sanders
GraphicsRod L. Stafford, Jerry Misko II
MusicEric L. Richardson
TesterJason Young
Project ManagerJag Jaeger
Special ThanksTerry Grantham, Ryan Firmin, Travis Firmin, Lucus Firmin

Electronic Arts Credits

ProducerJosh Hendren
MarketingNoah Davis
Documentation EditorSharon Maher
Documentation LayoutThe Big Idea Group
Package DesignMark Hausler
Package Project ManagementRomani Lay
CQC Department LeadDave Knudson
CQC Product AnalystsEron Garcia, Anthony Alexander, Russell Medeiros, Darryl Jenkins, Anthony Barbagallo, Simon Steel

Electronic Arts Testing Team

Project SupervisorMatthew C. Brown
Lead TesterCarble Cheung
TestersVincent Brooks, Phillip Ranches, David Higuchi, Jonathan Rivera

Language Integration Testing

Project LeadKevin Enos
TestersBrian Yip, David Song

MGM Interactive Inc.

President Home Entertainment GroupDavid Bishop
COO Home Entertainment GroupDavid Bishop
Senior VP Consumer Products & InteractiveTravis Rutherford
VP ProductionNeil Haldar
VP Business DevelopmentNeil Haldar
Associate ProducerJoe Rush
Senior Financial AnalystJack Cheng
CoordinatorHugo Martinez

MGM Business Affairs

Senior Vice PresidentRon Sufrin
VP, Business Affairs & LegalMJ Miller
Legal Counsel Copyrights & TrademarksMichael Moore
Contract AdministratorDon Hulson
AssistantAdam Scoll


Executive ProducerSimon Mathew
Special ThanksDavid Pope, Keith Snelgrave


Localization LeadMichaela Bartelt
Localization CoordinationNadine Monschau, Bettina Bachon
TranslationNadine Monschau, Effective Media, Bochum
Localization Tests LeadDirk Vojtilo
Localization TestsDaniel Langer


Localization LeadChristine Jean
Translation LeadNathalié Duret
Translation CoordinationMaëlenn Lumineau
TranslationWords of Magic, David Courtin
Tests LeadFranck Badin
Tests CoordinationFrédéric Aubrun
TestersAlexandre Van Bochoven

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (196118) and Evil Ryu (65892)