A Sound of Thunder Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

All the legal crap that's fit to print.
Franchise Pictures. Remember, we financed "The Foreigner" and "Battlefield Earth."
Choose your language. Sorry, Klingon is not available.
The title screen.
What starts this whole mess in the first place.
A hunting party from the future arrives. Unfortunately, it's about to go pear-shaped.
In a moment, things go from normal...
...to a heaping bowl of WTF?
A time wave hits.
I wonder if these guys are related to the Half-Life headcrabs?
I told you, you can only check out TWO AT A TIME!
Boxxle 3D. Coming soon for your Game Boy Advance.
Temporary refuge.
You've found the shotgun. Insert boomstick joke here.
A potentially large problem...
...is solved in three seconds with blind luck.
If the dinosaurs won't get you, the muzak will.
The rat race gets a little more vicious.
Stats for the completed level.
Must go faster. MUST. GO. FASTER.