Ace Lightning Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Main menu
The eponymous character
Beginning the level
You literally cannot step off the beaten path
The door slams shut at my face. Guess I have to find another route
Looks like this is the right one
Some carnival attraction. Too bad I don't get to play
A "Test your strength" attraction
A fortune teller
As I get inside the Haunted house
Another cutscene. Googler???
The game now switches to a platformer.
I find a "wing" pickup
It enables Ace to fly (duh)
Lovely decoration
A vampire
Charging up the lightning shot
It's a lot more powerful, but uses up energy
Floating out of the haunted house
A ghost
An, uhm, eye ball trap ?
Using a bunch of eyeballs as a trampoline. Sweet dreams, kids
Ambushed by a spider
It's a little hard do see, but the pulsing circle at the left of Ace is a checkpoint
Game over
Score calculation