Aggressive Inline Credits (Game Boy Advance)

Aggressive Inline Game Boy Advance Title screen.


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Aggressive Inline Credits

Aggressive Inline - Designed and developed by Full Fat

ProgrammingAndrew Docking
Support ProgrammingDavid Brioso Santos (OHM?)
Additional ProgrammingJames Boulton
Skater AnimationMartin Reeve
Skater ModellingMartin Reeve
Environmental ModellingNiall Russell, Martin Reeve
Level DesignTony Chen
Level GraphicsTony Chen, Jamie Bamborough, Andrew Nixon, Jamie Byrne, Will Morrison (Magic), Peter Ranson
Level InteractionJames Barnard, Andrew Nixon, Peter Ranson
Audio LeadJames Barnard
Character DesignWill Morrison (Magic)
Story MonologuesDavid Taylor (credited as 'The Grave')
Presentation byMohammed Ali
Executive ProducerPaul Adams
Thanks toDelphine, Louis, Hugo, Sarah, and Abby for all their patience

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.

ProducerHoward Perlman
VP Product DevelopmentBrett Gow
Marketing DirectorEvan Stein
Brand DirectorBrian Sheilds
Director of Public RelationsAlan B. Lewis
PR CoordinatorMatthew Schlosberg
QA ManagerBrian Regan
SupervisorsBill Handworth, Matthew Canonico
Senior Lead AnalystsBonchi Martinez, Martin Glantz
Lead AnalystsJames Dima, Argressor Sample
Project LeadsEric Lawrence, James J. Seetal
Game TestersMike Benisch, Brad Frey, Greg Stone, Ryan Penagos, Joseph Finchum, Ted Scheriff
IS Dept. ManagerChristopher Maher
TechniciansLeigh Busch, Christopher Rappo, Josh Rodgers
ManualBill Dickson
Special ThanksShawn David Rosen, John Ma, Walter Black, Jack Scalici, Jennie Racanelli


Crawling in the DarkPerformed by Hoobastank, Island Records, Courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises
Idea for a MoviePerformed by The Vandals, Courtesy of Nitro Records
The Choice is YoursPerformed by Black Sheep, Polygram Records, Courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises
Your DiseasePerformed by Saliva, Island Records, Courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises
Don't Sweat the TechniquePerformed by Eric B & Rakim, MCA Records, Courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises
It's OnPerformed by Sludgefeast, Sludge Songs, Courtesy of Must Destroy Records
InstrumentalPerformed by Sludgefeast, Sludge Songs
Falling for YouPerformed by Student Rick, Courtesy of Victory Records

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (124467) and Evil Ryu (65856)