Alien Hominid Credits

Tuna Technologies

Executive ProducerAlex Amsel
ProducerAndrew Crawshaw
ProgrammingMark Fitt, Alex Amsel, Kevin Dudley
ArtworkAndrew Crawshaw, Nicola Grice, Sam Donohoe, Stoo Cambridge, Andy Noble, Krzysztof Grudziński
ToolsMark Fitt
Music and Sound ConversionsAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson
Special ThanksPatch, Ice, Frost, Freya Shephard, Nelly, Boli, Tuna Fish

The Behemoth

ProducerJohn Baez
Gameplay ProgrammingTom Fulp
EngineBrandon LaCava
ToolsBrandon LaCava
ArtDan Paladin
AnimationDan Paladin
ProgrammingJosh Barth, Scott Fadick, Chip Burwell
MusicMatthew E. Harwood
SoundMatthew E. Harwood
Background ArtRon Lemen, Lucas Graciano
TestingEmil Ayoubkhan, Theresa Pudenz
PDA LevelsEmil Ayoubkhan, Max Baez, The Behemoth
Additional ProgrammingNicholas Dryburgh, Kirit Nagda, Andrew Traviss
Additional AnimationJose Ortiz
Additional SoundsRobotic Dream Studios, Jermain Blume, Theresa Pudenz
CounselJeffrey W. Rose
Thanks toNewgrounds fans for playing the prototype over 12 million times and believing in us!

Zoo Digital Publishing

ProducerJames Long
Development ManagerPatrick Armstrong
Production DirectorPeter Dalton
Production CoordinatorStuart Green
SalesBarry Hatch, Sanjay Parmar
PR ManagerMartin Kitney
Marketing ManagerRob Bartholomew
Quality AssuranceRelQ Software Quality

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (202447) and formercontrib (159638)