Alien Hominid Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Main Menu
Get ready!
That's it people, move along...
You can jump on agents' heads and bite them off
Drive a vehicle if it takes your fancy
Slash foes if you get up close
Watch out for that laser!
Your freeze gun will stop agents in their tracks
Uh oh, more FBI!
I yield!
The green gun has a huge blast radius
Driving along the pier
This guy's only weak point is his eyeball
Every so often, this robot will launch itself high into the air
Level clear!
Your stats for the level
Aww, jump rope!
Grab the red orb for slicing lasers
Fire and gore, I love it!
Destroy those tanks!
Shoot this guy enough and his ice pack will explode
You'll have to break the statue to move forward
Take THAT, progress!
Pudding monster! Delicious...but deadly!
Take control of your own tank!
Uh oh, an armoured tank approaches
I've often thought that myself.
Kidnap the agents...or drop them in a wood chipper.