Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms Credits

3d6 Games

Executive ProducerWilliam S. Schmitt
ProducerChris Novak
Lead ProgrammingDaniel Filner
CTODaniel Filner
ProgrammingNick Robertson
Level DesignerMartin Theyer
Art DirectorEric DeSantis
Lead ArtistsErik Asorson, Mathew Van Dinter
ArtistsPeter Aponte, Rod L. Stafford, Todd Widup
MusicSlackmates Inc., Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams
Sound EffectsSlackmates Inc., Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams

THQ Inc.

Product Development ProducerAngel Sisson
Executive ProducerBrian F. Christian
VP ‑ Product DevelopmentMichael Rubinelli
Marketing VP ‑ MarketingPeter Dille
Group Marketing ManagerAlison Quirion
Associate Product Marketing ManagerHeather Hall
Marketing CoordinatorMichael Greene
Director of Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Senion Creative Services ManagerKathy Helgason
Creative Services ManagerKirk Somdal
Quality Assurance Lead TesterGeorge Erwin
TestersScott Lingle, Michael Lu, Nars Del Rosario, Jim Mills, Annie Sanchez, Michael O'Donnell
QA TechnicianMario Waibel
QA Database AdministratorJason Roberts
QA ManagerMonica Vallejo
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Special ThanksBrian J. Farrell, Jeffrey Lapin, Alison Locke, Germaine Gioia, Robert Riley, Brandy A. Carrillo, Christian Kenney, Gordon L. Madison Jr., Ricardo Fischer, Jack Suzuki, Paul Rivas, Stacey Mendoza, Julian Brummitt, Chaille Stidham, Judy Jette, Kathy Schoback, Petro Piaseckyj, Derek C. Smith, Harold Kim, Andrea Hendrick

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