American Idol Credits

Developed by Mobius Entertainment Limited

Managing DirectorGordon Hall
Art DirectorIan J. Bowden
ProgrammingFinlay Munro, Charles Waddington
ArtistsIzzy Stewart, James McHale, Chris Allison
Sound EngineerTom Kingsley
Compression codecCharles Waddington
Thanks toJutta Degener, Carsten Bormann, Technische Universitaet - Berlin

Published by Codemasters

Development ManagementSimon Humpreys, Leo Cubbin, Ron Harris
Game DesignCarl Johnson, James Brown, Justin Forrest
Quality Assurance ManagerEddy Di Luccio
Quality Assurance LeadSteven Stamps
TestersBenjamin Patterson, Khushpal Kalsi, Ross Tarran
Compatibiliy ManagerGary Cody
CompatibilityStuart Bayliss
Product ManagementCharlotte Brown, Jay Boor
Marketing ServicesChristopher Hines, Mark Stevens
OnlineAdam Hance, Kamaljit Bansal, Joy Armitage
OperationsNick Craig
Legal & LicensingClaire Roberts, Sarah Brockhurst, Toby Heap, Tom Weston
Special ThanksHothouse Creations
FremantleMedia Licensing WorldwideDom Wheeler, Toby Prosser

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65856)