Army Men: Advance Credits (Game Boy Advance)

Army Men: Advance Game Boy Advance Title screen


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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Army Men: Advance Credits

DC Studios

Lead ProgrammerIan James
ProgrammerGerald Thom Greenfield
Additional ProgrammingRobert Anderberg
Lead ArtistAlan MacFarlane
ArtistsDerek Dow, Paul Muir, Simon Butler
Sound FX IncidentalRobert Anderberg
Original MusicRobert Anderberg
Additional Sound Source3DO library
Game DesignAlan MacFarlane, Gerald Thom Greenfield, Stuart Lang, Robert Anderberg
ProducerJulia Bond
Exec ProducerMark Greenshields
Studio ManagerWendy Ellis
TesterAlistair Ellis


Senior ProducerEd Gwynn
ProducerScott J. Gilliland
Associate ProducersDarion Lowenstein, Barry Feather
Special ThanksFlorence Zanon, Saskia Gillman

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