Army Men: Advance Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Select your language
New battle
Mission briefing
You start the game having to escape from the tan jail
A grenade pick up gives you 3 grenades to your ammo supply
Destroying the truck yields much needed extra weapons and health
Blowing up the safe reveals the map which you need to collect as an objective
You need to disable the gun tower or it will rip you in half
Two new types of enemy appear an alien and a rocket launcher totting tan soldier
These robots will crush you against the wall so best wait till its gone by
You cannot pass through because of the laser
Here's the switch for the laser
The portal lets you exit the level
Shooting the tennis ball to get the key card inside
You need to crack the sequence to save you war buddy
Mutant sheep attack
The trains are a pain when you need to cross so taking them out helps a lot
The corridor is full of enemy tanks so fight fire with fire
These splashes of water are electrified so be careful
This was the cause of the electrified water now its destroyed you can walk in the water
Climbing the back scrubber
It impossible to cross the bridge without first taking out that boat
Watch out for mines and gunboats while in the bath
A frogger style section but falling in the water doesn't kill
Mutant bugs appear all over
You have to cross the BBQ and if you stand still to long you melt
The flamethrower makes short work of the tan soldier
The lift helps you to get to the upper and lower levels
A mortar launching Rambo tan soldier
The medical hut has plenty of health
This robot need shooting
Raising the flag in your base ends the level
Mission complete