Astro Boy: Omega Factor Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Main Menu (Japanese Version)
Options screen
Checking out Astro's bio in the Character List
Stage select
Starting a new game: Enter your name and select level of difficulty
Intro: A young boy Tobio had an unfortunate accident
His father vowed to save him and make him better than before
And so, Astro Boy, as we know him, was born
Starting the tutorial session
Learning to jump and use the jets
Using the finger laser. Cool!
Starting Stage 1
Back-kicking some robots
Using the machine gun (in the bum?)
Using Astro Boy's laser
Aerial battle!
Throwing some powerful punches
Are these robots using light sabers?
Recover health by taking that heart
Yay, now we have access to another person's bio!
A civilian crying for help.
Using the laser on the Amazing Three
This is what they get for fighting Astro Boy without listening to his explanation first! (As always)
Fighting the first boss
Game Over