Backyard Basketball Screenshots

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Windows version

It can't be a Backyard game without your shameless fictional league promotion!
The main menu
Here, you can pick a court and change the game options, such as whether you want fouls or power-ups.
Control options, plus some background options that don't directly impact the gameplay
Picking a team
For more fun, you can even customize your team colors and change the adjective.
Picking your players
I want to know if there's anybody on this planet who didn't pick Pablo first.
Customizing a player. Their stats are very limited though, so I don't recommend it.
My roster of greatness.
The teams that are playing today, who seem to be facing the wrong direction.
It's always nerve-wracking trying to catch the ball while the other team passes it.
You have to get in a good area before you shoot a basket.
You can get power-ups depending on how well you play. This one guarantees a shot no matter what, even if it's a three-pointer from across the court.
Well, I missed that one by about a mile.
Dribbling down the court
How does a guy in a wheelchair play basketball so well?