Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Our adventure begins
Fighting rats
First map, where adventure starts. Town of Baldur's Gate
Friendly guards by the town's door help you get started
The Elfsong tavern is where you get most info and quests
Where do they find those barmaids?!
Slaying rats in the cellar... At least those are mutant giant rats
One of the first Boss-monsters. Tragic encounter, but we'll be back!
Freeing a hostage from a cell
Happy meeting in Elfsong tavern after adventuring
Walk on the water and not drown, but leave cool ripples
Zombies and cemeteries: do they mix?
Fighting a blob monster in the unusually clean looking sewer
Chests like this usually hold useful equipment
Some enemies drop quest items (like the purse he just snatched from an NPC), keys, plot coupons
Talking to a dying NPC. You will do this several more times later.
Fighting a zombie and a ghoul
This is a little crowded, don't you think?
Some weapon have elemental effects, like freezing
Facing Act I sub-boss
Yep, that's the boss
Boss killed
Off to the next chapter !
Meeting a Dwarf shop keeper. Hey, how about a discount? Because I'm, like, trying to save your village ?
It is extremely easy to get lost in this forest
Fighting the, uh, humanoid Jackals
Learning new skills
Rescuing the imprisoned dwarves
Facing a troll
... and a, umm, Frost Giant ?
The skill Shockwave's most practical use is probably to smash open containers with one strike
Finding a secret room
Another dying NPC
Getting chased by a bunch of Ice Spiders
I've just lit up a huge torch to alert the neighboring Dwarf clans
Now, down to the mines to save more dwarves
Fixing the elevator