Baseball Advance Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

The title screen
You can play a single game, an entire season, or go straight to the playoffs with your favorite team.
All the American League Teams are here...
...and the National League teams too.
Choose your matchup, and set up a few game options.
You can even select the number of innings you want to play, and adjust factors like wind.
There are four different stadiums to choose from with dimensions based on their real-life counterparts.
Enough with the options -- time to play ball!
Each player's stats show up when they step up to the plate.
The pitcher paints the corner for a strike!
Well hit to center...
Caught by the outfielder.
Swing and a miss -- strike 3!
Between innings, you can see how your team is doing statistically.
The pitcher winds up...
Four throws outside the strike zone means the batter goes for a stroll...
Some lucky fan gets a souvenir!
Close call at first base.
Well hit to center!
Sliding into third...
The batter pulls a double down the line in right!
The Yankees score two on the Jays.
Going, going, and GONE!
Can you make it through a 152-game season?
Compete for the championship in Playoff Mode.