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BattleBots: Design & Destroy (Game Boy Advance)

BattleBots: Design & Destroy Game Boy Advance Title screen


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ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

BattleBots: Design & Destroy Credits

Majesco Games, Inc.

Majesco Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
V.P. of Game DevelopmentDavid Elmekies
Executive ProducerDan Kitchen
ProducerPhil Mikkelson
V.P. of MarketingKen Gold
Product ManagerKevin Brannan
PackageTavio Castrillo
Manual DesignTavio Castrillo
ManualCorry Fitchpatric
QA ManagerJohn Arvay
ArtFrank Lam, Peter Aponte, Jorge Gutierrez, Tavio Castrillo
TestersLuis Antonio Torres, Rai Iodice, Nicholas Verhoski, Steve Atieh, Robert Cooper, Michael Powell
Special ThanksMorris Sutton, Jesse Sutton, Joseph Sutton, Adam Sutton, Trey Roski, Greg Munson, Katrina Roski

Cave Barn Studios

Technical ProducerTony Gold
ProducerChristopher Locke
Lead ProgrammerAndreja Djokovic
ProgrammersKevin Buikema, Anthony J. Rod
MusicRandy Wilson
SFXRandy Wilson
Special ThanksZoe Djokovic, Alexandra Djokovic, Andy Lubber, Rebecca Frejek
32 MBIT VersionAleksey Malov, Roman Petrov, Paul Shalagin, Igor Turashev, James Goruk, Jeremy Evers

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