BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows Credits


ProducerDavid Leitch
ProgrammingMatthew Downie, Kriss Daniels, David Leitch
ArtGary Kemp, Stacey Allan, Rob Swinburn, Andrew Cook, Erik Casey, Phil Williams, Nick Thomas
DesignAlastair Cornish, Adam Board
MusicAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson
Sound EffectsAllister Brimble
VocalsC. Ramon, B. Hughes
Special Thanks toCameron Sheppard, Deborah Langridge, Jeff Tawney

THQ - Development

Assistant Project ManagerPhillip Wright
Executive VP, Worldwide StudiosJack Sorensen
Senior VP, Product DevelopmentPhilip Holt
Head of Product Development, EuropeMike Gamble

Quality Assurance

Director, Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo
QA ManagerMario Waibel
Test SupervisorRyan Camu
Test LeadTim Grimaud
TestersEvan Calder, Brett Cowan, Gilbert Fucci, Steven Kitchens, Thomas J. Mitchell, German Gonzalez
First Party SupervisorEvan Icenbice
First Party SpecialistsAdam Affrunti, Scott Ritchie, Joel Dagang, Todd Thommes
Submissions Manager, EuropeFlorence Kum
Submissions Assistant, EuropeSimon Deal
QA TechniciansJames Krenz, Brian McElroy, Richard Jones
Mastering Lab TechniciansCharles Batarse, Glen Peters, Anthony Dunnet
Database Applications EngineerJason Roberts
Game Evaluation TeamSean Heffron, Matt Elzie, F. Scott Frazier

Global Marketing

Senior Vice President, Worldwide MarketingPeter Dille
Director, Global Brand ManagementMichael Pattison
Senior Global Brand ManagerJennifer Wyatt
Marketing and Services ManagerJulien Socquet-Clerc
Senior Project Manager, ArtTill Enzmann
DTP Operator (ICD)Anja Untiet, Detlef Tapper, Dirk Offenberg, Jens Spangenberg, Ramona Sackers, Ramona Stell
Director of LocalizationSusanne Dieck
Localization EngineerBernd Kurtz
Localization CoordinatorAndreas Herbertz
Product Marketing Director, USAJohn Ardell
Global Brand Manager, USATrent Hershenson
Product Manager, USAKevin Hooper
Associate Product ManagerAli Bouda
Media Relations Coordinator, USAGretchen Armerding
Marketing Director, UKRichard Williams
Product Marketing Manager, UKAngela Bateman
Marketing Executive, UKElizabeth Blackman
PR Manager, UKHelen Myers
Export Sales Manager, UKGayle Shepherd
Marketing Director, GermanyPaul Ashcroft
Assistant Product Manager, GermanyOezkan Oezarslan
Head of PR, GermanyGeorg Reckenthäler
Marketing Director, Asia PacificMike Kolodzinski
Senior Product Manager, Asia PacificElizabeth Kotevska
PR Manager, Asia PacificBen Pollock
Marketing Manager, FranceVirginie Zerah
PR Manager, FranceAurelie Le Jollec
PR Manager, SpainJorge Nicolás Vázquez
Special ThanksBrian J. Farrell, Leslie Brown, Alison Locke, Brandy A. Carrillo, Germaine Gioia, Roger Carpenter


Development DirectorJonathan Smith
Managing DirectorTom Stone
Thanks ToLoz Doyle

The LEGO Company

Commercial Marketing DirectorPierre Dadd
Executive ProducerGary Moore
SVP, LEGO Interactive ExperiencesLisbeth Valther Pallesen
Thanks ToLeah Weston Kaae, Greg Farshtey, Andrew Azorbo, Daniel Llewellyn, And the entire BIONICLE team

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65883)