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Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend (Game Boy Advance)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend Credits


Developed byVicarious Visions
DesignLuis Barriga
ArtJorge Diaz, Jason Harlow, Travis Cameron, Rob Gallerani
EngineeringRobert Trevellyan, Jesse Raymond, Brian Sox
Project ManagerJesse Booth (Agent)
Executive ProducersKarthik Bala, Tobi Saulnier
Sound EffectsTodd Masten
Project SupportGuha Bala, Kerry Coffey, Nehme Frangie, Sean Murphy
Kid TestersWill Ahern, Nicole Perry, Steven Brunick, Josh Wos, Zachariah Catel, Matt Mauer, Jayton Kenealy, Steven Eames
VV Special ThanksUniversal Interactive, Absolute Quality, Concord Moon LP, Ronin Entertainment, RPI Tae Kwon Do Club
Published byUniversal Interactive
Production CoordinatorJustin Lees
ProducerJeffrey Karl Barnhart
Senior ProducerJonathan Eubanks
VP of Technology External ProductionNeal Robison
Sr. Software EngineerGary Lake-Schaal
Director of Product MarketingJeffery L. Nuzzi
Marketing CoordinatorKatya Shuldiner
PresidentJim Wilson
General ManagerNicholas Longano
Public Relations TeamAlex Skillman, Sandra Shagat, Erica Dart
Promotions TeamChandra Hill, Virginia Fout, Jason Subia
Creative SupervisorStephanie Mente
European Product ManagerLaurent Caffy
Booklet DesignLauren Azeltine
Special ThanksConcord Moon LP, Scott M. Johnson, Helen Jorda, David Christensen, Nancy Rinehart, Suzan Rude, Jason Nicol, Marcus Sanford, Luc Vanahal, Bill Kispert, Todd Whitford, Charles Yam, Matthew Shaw, Elizabeth Diaz, Fay Shapiro, Nick Torchia, Kevin Leggett, Seth Trejo, Torrie Dorrell, Lauren Faccidomo-Evans, Anson Sowby, Nabil Debira, Neal Johnson, Michelle Garnier-Winkler, Winkler, Michael Bannon, Ron Walters, Clara Gilbert, Linda Caric, Miriam Bishay, Janice Carlton
Testing byAbsolute Quality
Lead TesterErik Melen
TestersAl Graham, Ryan Bergeron, Chris Baguley (T-Bag), Richard Padilla, H. Edward Piper, Ronald James, Patrick Cullen, Justin Dull

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (53674)