Cabela's Big Game Hunter Credits

Activision Value

Senior Vice PresidentChad Koehler
Vice President of StudiosPatrick J. Kelly
ProducerChris Owen
Production AssistantNicole Bement, Sean Dunnigan, Brian Kingsley, Brian Kirkvold
Manager of Quality AssuranceChris Arends
Quality Assurance LeadDonna Johnston
Quality AssuranceMichael Collins, John Cowden, Pat Johnston, Jason Lembcke, Chad Schilling, Kristoffer Young
Senior Vice President of SalesDavid Oxford
Vice President of SalesTim Flaherty
Regional Sales DirectorJim Holland, Jennifer Mirabelli Johnson, Dan Matschina
Senior Manager Planning and OperationsMike Groshens
Trade Marketing ManagerRobbin Livernois
Trade Marketing AssistantAnn Beggs
Vice President of Marketing and Creative ServicesMark Meadows
Senior Graphic ArtistTrevor Harveaux
Graphic ArtistSean James
Video Production CoordinatorSkye Thomas
Vice President of Business AffairsPatrick Horan
Legal AssistantBrynja Bjarnason
Brand and Licensing ManagerAndy Koehler
Director of OEM & Alternative ChannelsBrian Johnson
Information Systems AdministratorJosh Miedema
Additional ISBob Viau
Director of Financial PlanningTerry Desanctis
ControllerKurt Niederloh
Operations ManagerKeri Gross
Administration and Office ManagerMary Reinitz


EngineeringMark Wheeler
ProgrammingMark Wheeler
ArtSuzanne Smits, Karen Morgan, Thomas Reardon, Steven Louie, Jayne Siroshtin
AnimationSuzanne Smits, Karen Morgan, Thomas Reardon, Steven Louie, Jayne Siroshtin
CoordinationMargaret Yovan
Creative DirectorShannon Keegan
Technical DirectorDwayne Towell
Additional ProgrammingDwayne Towell
ProducerKeld Bangsberg
Executive ProducerSally Marlino
DedicationIan Noble

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (187489) and formercontrib (159906)