Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced Credits

Developed by Vicarious Visions

CTOKarthik Bala
VP Product DevelopmentTobi Saulnier
Project ManagementMichael Meischeid, Jesse Booth
ProducerMichael Meischeid
Game DesignChristopher Degnan, Tim Stellmach, Luis Barriga
ProgrammingChris Pruett, Eric Caraszi, Nate Trost, Brian Sox, Viktor Kuzmin
GraphicsSteve Derrick, Yin Zhang, Theodore Bialek, Christopher Winters
AudioManfred Linzner (Shin'en Multimedia)
GAX Sound Engine v3.01 (Sep 13 2002)© Shin'en Multimedia, Bernhard Wodok (Code by)
Vicarious Visions would like to thankRed Eye Studios, Cosmigo, Shin'en Multimedia
and Last but not least...Guha Bala, Nehme Frangie, Kerry Coffey, Ida Thornburg, Lauren Costello, Dawn Harrington, Daniel E. Suarez, Sean Krankel

Published by Universal Interactive

Associate ProducerCarlos Schulte
ProducerSean Krankel
Senior ProducerDaniel E. Suarez
Additional Production SupportGary Lake-Schaal, Chris Kirk
PresidentJim Wilson
General ManagerNicholas Longano
Vice President of ProductionNeal Robison
Director of ProductionSuzan Rude
Sr. Product ManagerCraig Howe
Assoc. Product ManagerMichael Scharnikow
Director of PromotionsChandra Hill
Director of Public RelationsAlex Skillman
Junior PublicistSandra Shagat
QA TestingAbsolute Quality
Manual Layout and DesignLauren Azeltine
Special ThanksLetty Cadena, Virginia Fout, Marcus Sanford, Erica Dart, Jason Covey, Jason Subia

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (124552), Jesse Booth (3) and Tim Stellmach (114)