Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
European title screen
Starting the tutorial level (Island Intro).
Crash starts breaking a crate containing some Wumpa Fruits.
To collect some Wumpa Fruits, Crash is forced to jump'n a cliff.
The next items are located under a row of grey blocks: it's time to slide!
After some time walking, Crash finally finds the localization of the Purple Crystal!
Now, Crash enters into the portal: Island Intro level clear!
Using his wakeboard, Crash must head up the ramp to get-break a Crash Crate.
Grabbed in the grating, Crash are very-well protected from a "scorpionic" menace...
Crash starts to explore a Bonus Level: he must break all the crates on it to be successful!
Crash Bandicoot's journey continues, but now through an Atlasphere-based level!
Crash's current goal: try to defeat an alligator through his Spin Attack...
Crash is able to break many crates at once through his Body Slam Attack.
Riding the Magic Carpet: during this brief time, Crash is rewarded with some helpful powers...
Transported by a moving platform, Crash plans a jump to finally break the Aku Aku Crate.
Now, Crash's way is now separated by a big pit... And some more of those Wumpa Fruits!!!
Crash is suddenly surrounded by two natives: this is the best time to use one of his attacks...
Surrounded by some Nitro Crates and a flame-spitting guy, Crash crouches and waits the danger ends.
Using his helicopter-based equipment, Crash must fight against Evil Coco, his brainwashed sister.
Climbing through some ropes, Crash must be careful with a "scorpionic" bad fellow...
During space-based levels, Coco Bandicoot will meet asteroids and many other typical obstacles...
Crash (once again equipped with his helicopter-based gadget) breaking some floating crates.
A reinforced-bad-mummy-fellow are in Crash's way: it's time to use a final attack and finish him!
Players must be careful during water sections, because the danger could be sudden-imminent!
Another Bonus Level in progress: and Crash uses again his Sliding Move to break lots of crates...
Crash Bandicoot and Fake Crash began a combat: for now, the good fellow lost...
Crash continues his journey, but he's suddenly surrounded by some fire-spitting bad guys!
Riding the Atlasphere, Crunch must escape from a row of explosive barrels to progress in the level.
Crash sees a big pile of crates in his front: which will be the best method to smash all of it?
Crash Bandicoot starts the battle against N. Trance, but Crash is easily stomp-defeated by him...