Crash Nitro Kart (Game Boy Advance)

Crash Nitro Kart Game Boy Advance Title screen.


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Crash Nitro Kart Credits

Developed by Vicarious Visions, Inc.

CEO / Chief Creative OfficerKarthik Bala
VP Product DevelopmentTobi Saulnier
Project ManagerJesse Booth
ProgrammingMatthew Conte, Jan-Erik Steel
DesignSean Murphy
ArtSteve Derrick, Eric DeSantis, Sean Murphy
Tools ProgrammingAndrew D. Bond
MusicShin'en Multimedia
Additional SupportEric Caraszi, Andy Lomerson, Dan Tanguay, Robert Caminos, Alex Rybakov, Jesse Raymond, Dianna Davies, Chong Guang Zhang, Travis Cameron, Bryan Pritchard
PlaytestingSteven Brunick, Charlie Friedrich, Ben Godgart, Jake Godgart, George Karathomas, Jordan Kennedy, Jonathan Schaefer
Special ThanksVV CNK Console Team, Martin Korth

Crash Party USA Credits

Game ConceptJesse Booth
ProgrammingAlex Rybakov
ArtSean Murphy
DesignSean Murphy
MusicShin'en Multimedia
Special ThanksMatthew Conte, Manfred Linzner, VV Quality Assurance
Produced and Published byVivendi Universal Games Inc.
Executive Vice PresidentJim Wilson
Senior VP of ProductionMichael Pole
Vice President of ProductionNeal Robison
Executive ProducerJonathan Eubanks
ProducerDavid Robinson
Associate ProducerDonovan Soto
Production CoordinatorKenneth Bartlett
Technical DirectorSam Calis
Vice President of MarketingEd Zobrist
Director of MarketingAl Simone
Marketing Brand ManagerMichael Scharnikow
Marketing CoordinatorJohn Choon, Carla Staley
Public RelationsMarla Rothschild, Stephanie Kavoulakos
Director of PromotionsChandra Hill
Manual DesignLauren Azeltine

Quality Assurance

QA DirectorStuart Hay
QA Brand ManagerWladia Summers
QA Project LeadJoseph Peren
QA Associate LeadArabian Nazel, Julio Manzanares
TestersCameron Austin, Mathew Byward, Alvin Gavino, Lina Hedgecoth, Benjamin Hines, Crystal-Dawn Jensen, Andrew Warwick, Stephen Yang, Takeshi Yoshino
Special ThanksKristin Bruno, Clint McCaul, Virginia Fout, Chandra Hill, Craig Howe, Nicholas Longano, Philip O'Neil, Suzan Rude, Carlos Schulte, Caroline Trujillo, Luc Vanhal

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (59434)