Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Main menu
Moves guide
A tiger and a dragon
Control hints
Fighting an archer.
Beating an enemy and sending the other flying.
Food that replenishes your health.
Fighting Yu Shu Lien.
Dispatching an enemy and earning a purple orb that raises your power meter.
Quicksand and enemies
A horseback sequence
Fighting two enemies at once.
A fight with Dark Cloud while on horseback
Curing poison.
Killing a bird.
The question mark means that you're inflicted with confusion.
"Playing" tag with Li Mu Bai.
Fighting Li Mu Bai.
Using the walls to jump higher.
Trying to avoid traps while the current pushes you back.
On a raft
A dialogue with Jade Fox
Fighting Jade Fox.
Game over