Crushed Baseball Ad Blurbs (Game Boy Advance)

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Advertising Blurbs
    Take the ball game out with you.

    Crushed Baseball gives you a chance to take your hacks in 10 ballparks. And if you've got your Mojo working, you can send the baseball out of the park and onto the expressway.


    • Two-players head-to-head
    • League and Home Run Rally modes
    • Special power-ups

    Got some downtime while waiting in the doctor's office? Squeeze a couple of games of baseball in. Crushed Baseball lets you play a single, exhibition game or you can start a league and save your progress to the Game Pak.

    A full season in League mode is 94 games. However, you can cut that number all the way down to 12. In addition to three difficulty settings, you can choose the number of innings per game, outs per inning, strikes per strikeout and balls per walk.

    Crushed Baseball features the Mojo Generator. When you have some Mojo in your meter, you can press the L Button to power up a pitcher's pitch, batter's swing or running speed or a fielder's play. Batters only have one Mojo option, but most pitchers have three or four different Mojo pitches to choose from (Fireball, Trapball and Slickball are some examples). You have limited juice in your Mojo meter so pick your spots well. Your Mojo meter refuels over time and when you complete a series of good plays in a row (or you could just sit on the mound and wait for the meter to refill).

    If you pick Dream League instead of Traditional League, Crushed Baseball lets you create your own players and insert them into your team's lineup. Since all likenesses to actual baseball players is purely coincidental, you can create your own A. Pujols, B. Bonds or K. Griffey.

    Two players can play head-to-head through the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable. If you've played any baseball games in the last 10 years, you should be able to pick this one up and play right away. The battling is a little awkward at first. The strike zone is huge and your cursor is small. However, once you get the timing down, you'll be legging out inside-the-park home runs in no time.

    Bottom Line

    When you're on the road, Crushed Baseball will quench your baseball thirst like a ballpark cola. However, don't go into the game expecting the same gameplay experience you get in console baseball games.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66885) on Dec 25, 2004.