Dead to Rights Credits (Game Boy Advance)

Dead to Rights Game Boy Advance Title screen


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Dead to Rights Credits

Torus Games

ProducerKevin McIntosh
ProgrammersDaniel Collins, Steve White
ArtistsPaul Clarke, Ivan Kenny-Sumiga
SoundEdward Colman


Executive ManagementRobert Ennis
ProducerPhilip Cohen


CEOSusan Kain
Vice President DevelopmentPaul Tresise
Executive Vice President/CPIEAStuart Kaye
Product Manager/ControllerCristie Walsh

ECI Testing

MDRupert Young (R. Young)
Head of Testing DevelopmentLen Latut
SalesRuss Patiele
MarketingRuss Patiele
TestersStuart Appleton, Kevin Russell, Nutty Smith, Rajesh G. S., Nagraj Bitla, Jaydeep Sarkar, Raviraj Moily
ManagementRatan S Murali
Lead TesterSharad Chaturvedi

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (133308) and Evil Ryu (65856)