Defender of the Crown Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Main title screen.
Main menu screen.
Prologue to the story.
Before you start the game, you pay a visit to your old friend, Robin Hood.
Character selection screen.
A map on England (right) and a main in-game menu (left).
Raiding a castle is best during night time.
En garde! Touché!
Three down, few more to go, but my health bar is seriously reduced.
It's not only the attack you must master, but the right timing for defend as well, or you won't make it.
Buying home army (only three types of units in total).
No way of disposing rogue saboteurs, so you better get used to unpredictable events.
To the tournament we go.
It's amazing how in every war there's time for games.
You choose to fight for the land or fame.
In jousting aim for the head if you wanna seriously humiliate your opponent and throw him off horse.
You must have a steady and precise hand to win jousting.
Cool addition over first version is that after jousting you fight mano-a-mano with your opponent.
Will you try and rescue damsel in distress?
A last kidnapper on your way to lady's heart.
As a token of appreciation for rescuing her, the wedding night's at hand.
Your character's statistics can pretty much be read from your face.
During castle siege, you'll have more things to thrown than just boulders.
It's never a good idea to attack enemy castle just because you bought a catapult.
The fair Saxon damsel Katherine
Wilfred of Ivanhoe on the map with his lady
Saxon lady Rebecca
Castle under attack.
Saxon lady Rosalind
Saxon Lady Anne