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RPGFan (Dec 04, 2004)
Over all, while the games are decent GBA RPGs that rise above the dreaded category of "Poke-clone" there are many better Megami Tensei games available in the US, such as Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne for Playstation 2. Of course, if you maybe want to get a younger sibling into Megami Tensei through something a little darker and edgier than Pokemon, then DemiKids may fit the bill. The storyline is best enjoyed when both perspectives are played, as some aspects of one will make more sense with knowledge of the other. So, if you can get the DemiKids games cheaply, try to get them as a set.
RPGFan (Dec 04, 2004)
All in all, DK is exactly what you would think it is; a slightly demonic version of Pokemon. You catch critters, you train them, and you move forward in a boring storyline. I found it to be a decent diversion, but at some point in the game I felt as though there were much better ways for me to be wasting my time. I was truly glad when I watched the closing credits roll, and while there is something of a "new game +" feature, I highly doubt that anyone would really want to use it. The only way I would really recommend this game is to those who have too much time on their hands, those who SERIOUSLY enjoy collecting stuff (i.e. masochists), or those who haven't been completely turned off by the whole "collect Ôem all" craze by now. While DK is a rather solid effort at this particular craze, you can definitely find better ways to spend your time and your hard-earned money.
Deeko (2004)
For some reason, I expected more substance than what I received with DemiKids. While I enjoyed the games, for the most part, what I found myself playing was simply another Super Nintendo quality RPG that has been delivered to the GBA, a system that is capable of far more than what it's been given. This is nothing new; in fact I'd go as far as to call it a trend in the industry. That issue aside, the game's storyline and Demon collecting aspect more than make up for these SNES shortcomings, providing gamers with an entertaining, albeit dark RPG. Those who wish to compare the game to Pokemon or those who purchase the game thinking it to be a lot like Pokemon will be quickly disappointed, as the only thing that the two games share is the ability to collect and share creatures for use in combat. I have to stop and wonder, though... is Demon collecting going to cause the same uproar as Pokemon collecting did a few years back? Just a thought.
GameSpot (Nov 20, 2003)
Overall, DemiKids has its fair share of ups and downs. It's not the best role-playing game available for the system, but it does provide an alternative to the more upbeat Pokémon and Mega Man Battle Network games.
Diehard GameFan (Oct 27, 2003)
I suggest picking up Light first, as it’s an easier game and has less of a learning curve. Dark is step two. And then you’ve experience Shin Megami Tensei lite. However, I gotta be honest, as nifty as it is to have an SMT game in English, I’d still suggest spending your money on Persona 1,2 or Lunacy in terms of the plot and overall coolness of the games. However, all three of those games take a lot of thinking and the ability to appreciate a lot of metaphysical, mythological and religious philosophy. However, if you just want a good RPG with lots of kick ass looking playable characters, this is your game. Although you’ve played many games like SMTDC: DOD, make no mistake: this is the series that revolutionized RPG’s. It may not seem like it because it’s gotten over here so late, but pick it up, You’ll find those new to the series will give it a much higher rating than I have. And in truth, those are the eyes you should view Demikids through. Not Mine.
GameSpy (Oct 11, 2003)
Now that I've put the Christian Coalition on the tail of this game, let me explain: in Japan, less than 5% of the population is Christian, and outré topics like summoning demons (and speaking with Lucifer, as is alluded to later in the game) are merely thought to add color and style -- and personally, that's a position I find more amusing than disturbing. DemiKids' mishmash of mythologies, kiddie anime style, and hardcore gameplay doesn't result in one of the best games on the system, but it's a satisfying enough RPG for those of you who look for something a little different.
IGN (Oct 13, 2003)
Despite having some of the most energetic Game Boy Advance boxart on the market, DemiKids is actually a strikingly dull role-playing title on the Game Boy Advance. It never really tries to be anything more than its ordinary self, never offering much more than the stereotypical Japanese, turn-based game design.