Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long - Rise of the Huntsclan! Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Select a file!
Awful, awful dialogue. It goes on like this.
Jake can attack in the air with his skateboard
These blue orbs fill your focus meter
Trolls randomly bust out of walls and floors!
You can summon your friends - Fu Dog will give you bonus focus orbs
As the American Dragon, you can fly everywhere!
Some trolls carry clubs to whack you with!
Mow him down, Jake!
By holding down L with a full focus meter, you can transform into dragon form...
...and breathe fire on your foes!
Watch out for the bombs, they pack a punch!
Trixie and Spud will make life-giving burgers rain from the sky!
Look out behind you, Jake!
Stage Clear!
After each stage, you can choose an ability to upgrade.
Those gargoyles can't be defeated, so you'll have to dodge the flames.
Uh oh, little speedy imp-like foes join the fight!
You'll have to dodge flames as you ride this elevator
Grampa's special attack rains fire down upon your opponents
Climbing up a building is much easier as a dragon!
Harpies can hurl feathers and turn into tornadoes!
Even more trolls to fight!
It's much easier to beat harpies as a dragon
Jake grinds down clotheslines, not unlike Sonic
A boss fight against Huntsgirl, who can hurl her staff..
...or send out shockwaves with it!
These red trolls can breathe fire!