Disney's Home on the Range Ad Blurbs (Game Boy Advance)

Disney's Home on the Range Game Boy Advance The movie comes to life as a game...


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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Advertising Blurbs

    An udderly moooving experience.


    • Play as both Buck and Jeb from movie
    • Mix of side-scrolling and first-person perspectives
    • Sharp graphics capture the movie's appeal
    • Destroy barrels to access special items

    It's high time to rustle up five desperados who made like the James Gang and busted out of the hoosegow. It's up to Buck the horse and Jeb the goat to herd in the outlaws in Disney's Home On The Range.

    The infamous bandits Alameda Slim, Rico and the three Willies have escaped from jail, and Buck reckons the no-good scoundrels are looking to strike back at the cows from Patch Of Heaven who helped put them in jail in the first place. But before Buck can lasso them dirty wranglers, Jeb needs to find their wanted posters.

    Jeb must travel through five side-scrolling stages to find all five posters. Each stage has its share of varmints (like armadillos and scorpions) that want to be a thorn in Jeb's side. Once Jeb finds a poster, Buck springs into action.

    First, you help guide Buck down the road to get to where the crook is holed up. The game switches to a fun, seat-on-the-saddle perspective as you move left and right or jump to avoid obstacles. It's like riding a horse in a steeplechase.

    Once at the hideout, Buck doesn't horse around, as the game switches to side-scrolling fighter. Like Bruce Lee with a long face, Buck karate-chops wayward cowboys and dusts them off like they were dirty chaps. When he gets to the man on the wanted poster, Buck will need all his hand-to-hoof combat skills to come out on top and send the rascal back to the pokey.

    Bottom Line

    Disney's Home On The Range delivers top-notch graphics and all-around fun. Gameplay does get a bit repetitive, but the game should satisfy the younger cowpokes with an itchy trigger finger.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Dec 26, 2004.